Friday, September 24, 2010

#121 I Love My Wife, But......

Let me start at the beginning. It is May 2009 & I am just waiting for June 1st, my first day of retirement. Mary, my loving wife of 21 years, comes to me all excited. She has found us work as work campers. Now I know that we had planned to work camp some once we started traveling but I just had to say something, What came out of my mouth was something like, "I haven't retired yet & you already have me working! Can't I have a year off before we start working?". Well here we are 16 months after retirement at our first job, the beet harvest. As I have mentioned in a past blog we signed up to work at Dollywood in 2011. We recently found out that if we work at Disney we can get all the grand kids in for free, so that job is probably in our future. Today my darling wife asks me if I want to work at the Tampa RV show. I snapped! If we do this I will be working more hours than I did in the Post Office!!! She got the message that we don't have to work every job that comes along. The RV show is a NO.

Anyway, today we did some driving around to get the "lay of the land". We found a grocery store & a 24 hour laundromat. 24 hours is important since we will be working 12 hour days. We also located the Post Office so we could get our mail. No problems here but you wouldn't believe how many PO's don't accept General Delivery mail. You would think if there are window services there should be Gen Del, but noooo, the PO can't do things simple like that. Another thing RVers have to deal with to enjoy the lifestyle.

Tomorrow we are going to find a place to get propane & do some more exploring. I am going to call it a night now & enjoy the time to relax until the beet harvest starts. Once it starts I expect that I won't be blogging as often or as long. 12 hour days will probably knock us out. So until I have more to blog this is good night from our home in Fargo ND because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. We just accepted our first work camping job for this winter. It is hard to decide how much makes the right balance. I figure that must be part of the adventure.

  2. :0) can "adopted grandkids" get in free as well? He he he That's cool though! When will you all be in Florida? If we are vacationing about that time, maybe we will stop by for a visit, when you are not working :0)