Sunday, September 19, 2010

#118 Hallelujah!!!!!!

We are finally leaving Indiana. Nothing against the state but we have not exactly had fun the whole time we were here. We did enjoy seeing our friends & the rally was great but there was all the time trying to get the rig fixed in a less than efficient manner. Also the fact that I wasn't feeling up to par put a damper on things. My stomach was bothering me for some time & when I started to experience some chest pains Mary decided that the perfect way to top off our stay was a trip to the emergency room. Of course when they hear chest pains every test known to man is performed. Now I am not complaining about the care I got, I just thought there were other things I would rather be doing. After an overnight stay I learned 3 things. #1 I do have a heart, #2 it is just fine & dandy, & #3 my issues were all digestive related. I have to watch what I eat & losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt either.

Back to our adventure. We did get our rig weighed & as we hoped the weights were all within the safe range & we are good to go on down the highway. No RV diet right now but we will still lighten the load some this winter. The weighing was done as we left the fairgrounds & we decided to stay at a campground in Elkhart when I took my little detour to the ER. Once that was behind me we agreed that we had had enough of Indiana & would leave Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we had breakfast, broke camp, & hit the road. 2 hours later Indiana was in our rear view mirror. Yahoo!!! Our next destination is the Wisconsin Dells, but first we had to go through Chicago, over a bridge, & travel the Illinois toll road. I think we bought the toll road! Toll after toll after toll with 5 ,count 'em 5 axles we paid over $40 for the privilege of driving through the state of Illlinois. Oh well that is part of the RV lifestyle.

On to Wisconsin. We arrived at the campground at 3:30pm, hopped out of the truck, & grabbed a jacket. Yes a jacket, the temperature was 59 degrees & the overnight low is going down to the mid 40's.Brrr! Out comes the comforter & the electric blanket. Tomorrow we plan to check out the Dells whatever they are. Mary wants to see them & that is good enough for me.

So until I can tell you more about the Dells we will try to keep warm in our home in Wisconsin because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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