Saturday, September 11, 2010

#115 We Made It!

Well all is finally done with the repairs. We got out of the shop by 9am & headed out to the fair grounds for the Escapade. The weather was beautiful with temps in the 70's. The heat wave is over & does not appear in the near future. Once we got set up we walked around to see where all the events & vendors will be. We looked at all the rigs that had already arrived & met up with a few RVers that we had run into at the repair shop. When in RV country it is time to fix what needs fixin'. We also registered, met a number of Escapees, & got our "hugs" which is the official greeting for the Escapees.

Our first morning here we went to the coffee & donut gathering. Primary! More greetings & more hugs with promises to get together later in the rally. The rain started so it was a good day to stay inside. We braved the rain, which was really a drizzled, to get a preview of the vendors & pre-shop for all those things we just couldn't live without or just plain wanted. Throughout the day some of our Internet contacts stopped by to say Hi & make plans for the week ahead.

Tomorrow is the official first day with opening ceremonies & orientation. This is when the fun begins & we are looking forward to it all. Meeting new friends, sharing experiences, learning from each other & the experts is why we are here. Let the rally begin!

Until the next post from our home at the Goshen Fairgrounds because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Frank, I am glad Mary posted the blog site at RV dreams. I am janieD on the forum and am also here at Goshen, hopefully we will meet sometime this week. Great blog - i love the name.
    Janie Dean