Thursday, September 9, 2010

#114 We're Baaaaaack!!!!!

We had a wonderful & restful week with our friends in Poland IN. The best friends are the ones you are most comfortable with & these friends are the best. Their home was our home, there were no expectations, & as usual time went by way too quickly.While there we ate, slept in, ate more, worked on the rig, slept in again, did some laundry, slept in, ate even more, talked, laughed, & just enjoyed ourselves. Yes, we are fat but well rested.

While working around the rig we noticed a few minor things that needed to be fixed up on the repairs that were done at the repair shop. We called them & said we would be back in the area on Thursday & expected things to be taken care of as soon as possible. We arrived & were directed right in to the shop. Immediately 3 techs were looking at the issues we had & started working. Quite a bit of caulking needed to be redone with time needed for it to cure so we are setup inside the building for the night. We would rather not have had to come back but at least we aren't in a hotel. Foxy can't understand how she can look out the door & still be inside. I'm not going to try to explain it to her, she's a dog!

Hopefully we will be out of here first thing tomorrow morning because the Escapade Rally starts this weekend. We are scheduled to check in Friday & have plans to meet with a number of fellow RVers that have connected over the Internet. The rally should be a blast.

The techs start arriving anytime from 7am on so we have to get up early. That means going to bed early so I will sign off from our home back in Elkhart because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & a confused Foxy

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  1. They should give you a gift card to a national restaurant or something for all the trouble and expense you had to deal with this week. Goodness least you did not end up in a hotel again.

    Give Foxy some love for me,