Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#110 I Don't Like Jello!

We are in the hotel & have had to go back to the rig twice for things we've forgotten. It also gave us an opportunity to check out the work being done. The plans on being done by Thursday seem to be written in jello. The parts will take a little longer to get than expected. Since we are here possibly until Monday we decided to upgrade the carpet in the living room.

The time spent in the hotel is driving me nuts. We are getting plenty of rest & Mary is enjoying soaking in the tub. TV is a little limited so I am catching up on some reading. We might even drive down to see some friends outside Indianapolis over the weekend. They have a guest room for us & the 4 of us always have fun together. This will be a whole week of not living in our home on wheels.

Well for now our home is a hotel in Elkhart near the repair shop because....

Home is (near) where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. John can relate to that time in a hotel room. He spent A MONTH in Rhode Island last year for work. Now, Rhode Island is not that big so he toured the parks in the area...that took him all of about two weeks. Can you imagine how crazed he was? :0)

    I'm sure Mary will be posting pics of the new carpet :0) Oh..before I forget the kids LOVE getting postcards from you. We work into our homeschooling and study the state, etc you mailed it from. Austin barely remembers you and Ashley has no memory at all..guess she was not in the picture yet.

    Miss our times together but we know you are having from from home, wherever that may be...