Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#108 To.Make A Short Story Long...

I'm bored! We are still at the second repair shop & still waiting. The rig was inspected & we were given an estimate (you don't want to know) & were told that we would have to be out of the rig for 3 nights. Now you might be asking "why are you still there?". Well they couldn't start the job until Thursday & with the weekend that would have meant 5 nights out of our rig so it was agreed that they will start on Monday & we will have the rig back by Thursday. Oh well, that gave us an opportunity to go back to the first repair shop & have the satellite repair work done. All this time we are camped at a site at the repair shop. Tomorrow morning we head back over there with the rig & will return to the second shop in the afternoon. We will be here over the weekend & bright & early Monday they should start the 3 day job. The only consolation is all this camping at the repair shops is costing us nothing. When you figure camping in this area starts at $30 a night we are saving some money. This will offset the cost of a motel for the 3 nights we can't stay in our own home.

It hasn't been all bad though. We have taken the time to see the areas around Elkhart. We have seen our share of Amish people & their farms. We did go out to eat at an Amish style restaurant. All you can eat family style is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. Throughout the Amish communities there are "Quilt Gardens". These are gardens with flowering plants laid out to form quilt like patterns. The planning & efforts produce amazing results. We also stopped at the American Countryside Farmer's Market which I am sad to say is closing it's doors in September. Hopefully with reorganization they will be able to reopen in the future. The building itself is a study in Amish craftsmanship with all the barn style woodwork. And then there are the Amish just going about their everyday activities. Of course instead of cars & trucks they use horse & buggy, bicycles, or walk. It is a simpler life & they seem happy for the most part, I just don't think it is for me.

I know I have mention that this is the RV capitol of the world so of course this is where the RV Museum & Hall of Fame is. We took a day & checked out RVs from 1916 through today. We learned about the people that started the revolution & followed the evolution from basic tent campers to fully contained motor homes. As much as it has changed it has also remained the same. Just individuals figuring how to take a bedroom, bathroom, & kitchen on the road. The one thing that did take us aback was a 1968 pop-up trailer by Jayco. Here was a museum piece that was almost identical to our first RV which was a 1970 pop-up trailer by Jayco. It brought back memories & amazed us at how far we had come.

Well I am going to get everything ready to move from shop to shop while still in our home in different parts of Elkhart because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. You sure don't sound bored...look at all the things you are seeing and doing as of late :0) We will be selling our PU here soon much to Austin's dismay. With John's schedule now, we just have not had the opportunity to camp thus it has been sitting for two years. So, after some repairs and cleaning up and out, we will be listing it for sale. We assured Austin that we would still go camping, it just would not be in a camper :0)

    I will send pictures soon of the kids unless Mary has been browsing FB and admiring how big my kids are becoming. Can you believe Austin just turned 10 and Ashley 7...yes, Austin who you have known since he was a wee one is now 10 and acting 20.

    Love to all!!