Thursday, August 12, 2010

#106 RV Central

Elkhart IN, the RV capital of the world. RV factories, RVs dealers, RV part warehouses, & of course RV repair shops. Here we are at one of those repair shops to get some work done with 15 - 20 other RV owners. Since we all live in our RVs instead of a parking lot we are all in a large field with water & electric hook-ups. Our respective rigs go into the shop during the day & are returned to us at the end of the day so that we have our home back for the evening. The process goes on as long as it takes & we still have access to our own bed, our own shower, & our own comforts of home.

Right now we are at a repair shop to take care of our satellite system. Yes, the same satellite that has been a pain in the butt over the last month. The manufacturer has put us in touch with a specialist trained in their own factory so all should be taken care of now. Next week we will be at another shop that will take care of a leak & some water damage we have discovered. Again we will be able to live in our rig while it is being worked on. Every home needs work from time to time & this how RVers do it.

In between repair shops we hope to get to the RV Hall of Fame Museum. There are supposed to be examples of RVs from home made models of the 1920s to the "million dollar rock star" motor homes of today. We also will check out the Amish communities & especially the Amish restaurants.

Elkhart is now our home. Where in Elkhart depends on the repair shop we will be staying at. So until the next blog we are as always at home, this time in Elkhart because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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