Monday, August 9, 2010

#104 Crossing State Lines Like Crossing The Street

As I mentioned last time we planned on being busy over the weekend & we were. We got everything done & all before it started to rain. It's no fun in the rain! We were both tired & wanted to get to bed early so there was no last blog from Niagara Falls. We are now 250 plus miles down the road in a little place called Huron OH. Yes, Ohio. That means we skipped out of NYS, through Pennsylvania, & a good ways into Ohio. Sometimes state lines just buzz on past like telephone poles. I'm sure that will be less so once we start spending more time out in the western (& larger) states.

This little town of Huron is about an hour west of Cleveland... the home of MLB's Indians, ex-home of the NFL Browns, & more importantly the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Since we are here for a couple of days it is a must see for us. From what we have read & the people we have talked to the museum will take at least 4-6 hours to see. With that in mind & after a long day on the road we are calling it a day. Early to bed & hopefully early to rise will give us time to see it all.

So it is only 9 pm but for me it is goodnight from our home in OH because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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