Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#102 One More Chance

Today we went into Niagara Falls Canada. From the Canadian side there is a much better view of the "Horse Shoe" or Canadian Falls as well as different views of the American Falls. So it was over the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. This border crossing is primarily a tourist crossing so we expected it to be a little different from the Lewiston crossing which has a lot of commercial traffic. We were welcomed into Canada with the usual why, where, how long, & questions about weapons. We had a wonderful time taking pictures & staring in awe at the wonder & power of the falls. Mary is posting pics on FB but as we've said before, pictures just don't do it justice. Once we had seen what we came to see & taken the pictures we wanted to take we headed on back to the US side.

Just like the day before there was a back-up coming in to the US. It was the attitude & absurd questions by the border guard that seemed to make the border crossing a pain in the butt. Some queries were expected & acceptable like "are you bringing any purchases back from Canada?, any plants or produce?, how much was spent?". But why did he need to know where we parked our RV in NY, are we going home to FL right away, why don't you have your license plate memorized,& why did you buy a souvenir key chain? As retired postal workers we feel that these government employees are an embarrassment to the rest of us.

Once back in the US we went to the Niagara Falls State Park on Goat Island. I've mentioned that we have been to Niagara Falls before, sometime around 1992. At the time we had done all the tourist things but when we got to the Cave of The Winds, on Goat Island, Mary wasn't able to go. Nothing serious, just something to do with being a parent. So it was just my daughter Rachel & me for that adventure. I had always felt bad about Mary missing the attraction & was determined that if we ever got back to Niagara I would take her. So down to the Cave of the Winds we go.A 175' elevator ride down through solid rock & we come out about 25' above the river clad in raincoats & flip flops. After a few hundred feet of steps & wooden walkways we found ourselves at the base of the Bridal Veil Falls. Inching the last few steps on the "Hurricane Deck" we found ourselves being pelted with sheets of water deflecting off the rocks at the base. This is one of the ways to experience the power of the falls. All that I can say is if you haven't gotten wet then you haven't seen Niagara Falls.

Tomorrow we head back into Canada for the third & last time on this trip. We will see how our reentry into the US goes. I guess it will be either "third time is the charm" or "three strikes & you're out". I am going to sign off now so we can get up early. So goodnight from our home in Niagara falls because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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