Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#101 On To My Second 100

We took a day just to ride to downtown Niagara Falls & get a "lay of the land". We wound up walking around the State Park & taking a couple of hundred photos of the falls. You can check out Mary on FB. We will try to get to the Canadian side later this week.

Today we drove into Canada to visit with a friend. It was about an hour's drive including a 3 minute stop at the border. They checked our IDs, asked if we had any firearms, our reason for visiting, & how long we would be staying. We had a nice visit & took the return trip back to the
"good old US of A". This trip took at least an hour & a half. Now I know that 9/11 happened to the United States but all that I can say is a little paranoia sure goes along way. On the return to the US in addition to all the questions from the Canadian Border they checked under the truck, checked the license plates, wanted to know if we were going home right away(to FL), & checked inside every mini-van that passed through. The back-up at the US border was every bit of 30 minutes or more. It is one thing to feel a little uncomfortable going into a foreign country but to feel worse about coming back home doesn't seem right.

Tomorrow we have to go back & hopefully this next trip will be uneventful. Later this week we are planning to do a tour of the Erie Canal locks & also some of the touristy things around the falls. So until our next adventure goodnight from our home near the falls because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Maniaci

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