Friday, April 30, 2010

# 53 or "#52 Continued"

Let's blog blog nap, oh yeah, & I pick up where I left off. Our first full day in Greenville we decided to got some provisions & get the lay of the land. It's always fun & interesting to check out the local scenery & shopping. Mom & Pop stores, chains that are regional, & even different items found in our favorite stores. The campground office personnel told us that the grocery stores were just up the road the way we came in. OH NO, THAT ROAD! At least we wont have the trailer with us. 45 minutes later we found the interstate & a tourist info center. The woman there was friendly & a wealth of knowledge. With maps & directions in hand we were off. First to RVer heaven, Walmart. When you are on the road you may not find everything you are looking for but at Walmart you can find the things you need or can make do with. Walmarts across the country have that same feel that makes you feel at home but also carry enough local perishables & area specific products to let you know you aren't.

Not finding everything we wanted we went down the road a short way(thank you info center lady) to a Krogers. Kroger is a major grocery chain not found in Florida or to the best of my knowledge in the northeast. We have found them in VA, TN, & points west. We finished our shopping & were pleasantly surprised to find the lowest price on diesel we had seen in over 300 miles. we filled up the truck & headed home. This time we decided to follow our GPS from the interstate. The roads were well paved & the trip was shorter but....imagine roads made for munchkin size cars & zig zagging through a town made for a Disney wild west movie. This would not have been fun with 40' of trailer behind us. Doable, but not fun. That is why we generally follow directions given by the campground, they know the roads & the RVs that will use them. Finally back home & our trip to the grocery store only took us 5 hours! When you are out in the middle of nowhere,beautiful as it is, every trip to town is a major excursion.

We are going to have dinner & relax tonight. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to warm up so the plan is to unload the motorcycles & see what we shall see. Till next time, from our home in the mountains of Virginia, because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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