Friday, April 23, 2010

# 49 Updates & Edits

Re-reading my blog from April 21 I noticed some corrections needed to be made. The 22nd arrived bright & early but we were anything but bright-eyed & bushy-tailed. Snooze for an hour, then 1 more hour, then turn the damn thing off! Morning became almost noon & the day was off like a herd of turtles. Breakfast became lunch, morning showers came at 1pm, & the decision to cancel our plans for the day became moot. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. The motorcycle stayed in the shop an extra day so April 22nd was dedicated to paying bills, catching up on e-mails, & old movies on satellite TV. Sad note for the day... Mary likes country singer Chris Young & follows him on line. Calender shock, he is 1 year older than Charlie,Mary's baby! Her expression was one of disbelief & realization that she is getting older. I keep telling her she's getting better & I couldn't love her more. It didn't help.

The 22nd becomes the 23rd & we are off to the races. The motorcycle is ready so to the shop & our plans for Charleston are on. Uh oh, Mary lost her motorcycle key somewhere at the shop. Retracing our steps & with everyone helping, the key is found & we are on our way. Never a dull moment. Charleston is like any other tourist city, lots of one hour parking for two hour tours or parking rates that need a loan application! Finally a free parking lot for the tour companies that is hidden like Ali Babba's cave. The tour was reasonable & informative & always more romantic in a horse drawn carriage. This was 2 mules & a wagon. Close but no cigar. It was late for lunch but we were getting hungry so we went into a little seafood restaurant & split an appetizer & entree with the hopes we wouldn't ruin dinner.

The bikes are wonderful for getting around the narrow streets of these old cities & parking is usually a lot easier. Down by the Battery Park it was free parking so there we went. The Battery is a pretty water front park with trees, benches, & (like any proper Southern town) monument upon monument of Confederate war heroes. Mary is from Virginia & I am from NY so I like to remind her that "we" won, but ultimately, as is pointed out by scholars from both sides, only Americans died. Such is the ultimate loss in a civil war. We walked along the waterfront & could see the USS Yorktown across the Cooper River. Since we saw it's sister ship, the USS Intrepid, we felt it would be redundant & would search it's history on line.

Onward home to our patient puppy & dinner. Foxy was glad to see us or she just needed to take care of business. Still full from lunch (so much for not ruining dinner) ...showers, e-mails, blogs, & hopefully an early night are in order. I don't think so, it is already 10pm. Anyhow, tomorrow we will take a boat tour of Charleston Harbor & try to see the Confederate submarine H.L.Hunley. Until then, good night from our home in Charleston SC because...

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary

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