Monday, April 19, 2010

# 47 Tourism On My Terms

Here we are on Tybee Island just outside of Savannah. Mary is a fanatic about light houses & Tybee has just that. I don't think that light houses will be the driving force for our travels but they will have definite input. Anyway 178 steps later & absolute confirmation that I am out of shape another light house is crossed off Mary's list. The buildings & artifacts on the property show how tough life as a light house keeper was. And to think the steps almost killed me!

Day 2 we went into Savannah. I guess we are tourists but we didn't want to visit the usual tourist traps. I wanted to feel the essence of the city so we parked the bikes & just walked around. Savannah is a beautiful old city dotted with squares which are like small city parks. The flowers. trees, & grounds in general provide serene little sanctuaries to just sit & contemplate life. A light lunch down near the river front some more walking around & ideal weather combined to make it a perfect day.

Tomorrow we plan to ride around Tybee Island & see what we can find. There is a fort around here some place, another light house, & supposedly a pier of some sort. That will be our Tuesday & Wednesday we depart for Charleston. All the walking has tired this old geezer out & I didn't get a nap so I am closing from our home on Tybee Island because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Foxy


  1. Lots of Lighthouses coming-up as you head North - enjoy & please take a few steps for us, we to,love them. Happy Days B;+)& J %+)

  2. You may be an old geezer, but your MY old geezer!!! I love you....and thank you again for my lighthouse!!!