Saturday, April 17, 2010

#46 Hello & Thank-You Friends!

The first thing I need to do is thank everyone who has commented on my blog. I enjoy writing it, but knowing that others are reading & enjoying it makes my part of the blogging experience much more fun. Thanks again & keep the comments coming. Also Mary has asked me to let everyone know that she is posting more pictures on "Facebook". We are in St Augustine for our 21st anniversary even though we are still on our "first" honeymoon. It just doesn't want to end!

I have good news, at least for us. The truck's oil leak turned out to be an easy fix at the Ford dealer. After not sleeping well worrying about how much money & how much time this would take we were at the dealer at 7am. I followed Mary on the motorcycle, we went out to breakfast, & went back to the trailer. I was tired & layed down for a nap. Mary was not far behind me. The next thing we know the phone is ringing. The auto repair gods were looking out for us. It wasn't even noon & the truck was fixed. On top of that it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be & to top it off our extended warranty paid most of it. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Now that was done we could get together with our friends as planned. Catching up, talking, laughing, & losing track of time is just what you do with good friends. We had a wonderful dinner, drove around St. Augustine a little & finally called it a night. It is hard to say good bye to friends but it beats staying too long. We will also look forward to the next visit that much more.

Saturday as I said before was going to be "our" day. We took the bikes out & went into St. Augustine's old quarter. St Georges St is a pedestrian thoroughfare through the oldest part of town. It's mostly shops & restaurants but they are in mostly the original restored buildings. Yes it's touristy but that's what we did on our honeymoon & we will do it every time we come back. We took some pictures(see Mary on Facebook) went to a restaurant we like & just...well acted like honeymooners. It was a wonderful day.

But the day is not over! Tomorrow we leave for Tybee Island & that means getting ready to leave. Again with the laundry! It would just be easier if we went naked. It would be uglier, but easier. Also motorcycling would be interesting & probably painful. Load the bikes in the trailer, fill the truck with diesel, & start the travel prep routine again. By the way, filling the truck with diesel,OUCH! Our truck holds 74 gallons of fuel & I try not let it get too low. This time it needed almost 55 gallons. Yes 55 gallons at one fill up! Diesel is over $3 per gal so you do the math. I know it's a lot of money but if we couldn't afford it we wouldn't have this life style. Everything should be done by the time we call it a night & tomorrow we should just have to hook up the truck, do our multiple walk-arounds, double check everything & hit the road. Hopefully this will be by 9am & we will have an easy drive to Tybee Island.

From our home in St Augustine this is good night & good bye because our next home will be in Tybee Island because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Foxy
(Yes Foxy wanted to know why she wasn't getting equal,if not top, billing)

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  1. Happy, happy, honeymooners - glad you had such a nice day. We remember "the fill-up" too - we hold 75 gal. & even back a few years it was costly but, as you said, if we couldn't - we wouldn't!The only thing stopping us now is, I really don't think folks our age should be driving a vehicle this big & loaded with propane!!! We do our trips by car, now. Love the blog . smiles B ;+) & J %+)