Thursday, April 15, 2010

#45 Here & There & Everywhere Is Home

"Post cards from home" & "Home is where we park it" are more than catchy phrases, it's the truth. I'll tell you how I know & can prove it. Whenever we pack & hook up to leave Foxy gets real antsy. She is underfoot, whiny, a general pain in the ass. Once in the truck she calms down some but still paces the back seat(her domain) & is constantly looking out the window looking for who knows what? After reaching our destination she again is a royal pain while we set up. When everything is in place & her bed & bowls are where they belong you can almost hear an audible sigh as she curls up in her bed or under one of our chairs. Aaaah, I'm home. We feel the same once we get set up. This is our home & it feels like home no matter where we are.

Well, here we are in St Augustine, arriving event free. I found a Ford dealer that had a part I needed & could take the truck in first thing in the morning to check the oil leak. They think they may be able to fix it before we leave on Sunday. We will ride our motorcycles while it is in the shop. If you have ever been to St Augustine you know that it is much easier to get around & park on motorcycles anyway & it gives us an excuse to ride more. Tomorrow we will see friends & catch up. Saturday, as I've mentioned before, we return to the scene of our honeymoon. We will spend the day just the two of us walking around the old parts of town like we did 21 years ago. It has been a GREAT 21 years.

As tired as we are & having to be at the Ford dealer EARLY we are calling it an early night. So until the next Blog we are home in St Augustine because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Foxy


  1. 'mornin to you both .. hope your back continues to mend,Frank -- just take-it-slow.. glad you found truck repair before heading out of state.We had many nice times in St.A while we lived in Jax.. "Freckles" was much like "Foxy", she could go right to the MH no matter where we were.Happy Day, J & B ;+)

  2. Hi Frank and Mary! It's so nice to be in touch with you again. I love your blog, Frank. Keep it up. I am so jealous! You are living the life that I intend to in a few more years. I just can't leave my grandchildren until they're a little older. I have anxiety attacks just thinking about leaving them right now! one day, though, I'll be on the road.