Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#44 Just A Short Blog...Bl ?

We are going to try to leave early in the morning so we prepped tonight. Empty & flush our waste tanks, fill our fresh water tank, & unhook all fresh, non-potable,& waste hoses. Clean & store all hoses in basement. Inside pictures are taken down, loose items stored & secured, & last minute check of tomorrows itinerary.

7am is our scheduled wake up time & we hope to be on the road by 9am. 10am is probably more realistic but you never know. Showers, breakfast, & walk the dog like every other morning. Then we hook up the truck, disconnect the shore power, re-check all stored & secured items, & pull out. After that we load & secure the motorcycles, do a light check, one more final check on all secured items(you can only imagine how many times we wished we had checked one more time) & then we hit the road. We are only going a little over 200 miles but his is what we do when we travel. RVers understand.

And just to add a little excitement to our adventures the truck may have an oil leak. We will keep an eye on it & if it needs to be taken care of we will extend our stay at one of our stops where we can find a Ford dealer to take our hard earned money. Again this isn't a kink in our vacation plans this is just life retire & on the road. So this is still coming to you from our home in Port St Lucie, soon to be somewhere near St Augustine, because....

Home is where w park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Wishing you two safe travels!