Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#43 Getting Old Is A Full Time Job

I know I've talked about my back surgery & how it has progressed from "why did I do this?" to "OK, I think this is working out & ultimately worth it". I recently had some issues with my neck & arm. There are similar issues to my back, arthritis, disc problems, & inflammation. We started treatments like I had for my back for 7 years prior to my surgery. The first shot was on March 30th and I had good results. The pain is mostly gone but the numbness persisted, so the Dr. suggested another shot on April 13th so that I might have some long term relief. The back shots work well for me so I hope these shots will work as well. This meant a trip back to Pinellas County. We decided not bring the rig, but stay overnight on the 12th with Jess & Jim & drive back the day of my shot.

It's hard to believe that the 2 weeks in Port St Lucie is almost over. Mary washed the truck & I cleaned the garage to be ready to load the motorcycles. We will be heading up to St Augustine for a few days to visit with friends & "return to the scene of the crime"(AKA our honeymoon). We are also going to check out a couple of campgrounds that may work as our winter residence in the future.

Well it is getting late & the sedative they gave me for my shot is making me sleepy. Just to let everyone know, if you haven't noticed, that comments have been being posted. I am going to sign off possible for the last time from our home in Port St Lucie because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Frank, sorry to hear you are having more issues. I told Joe about your back surgery...he was involved in a serious crash many years ago and has persistent back pain. I think surgery might be the only thing that would help him. He's been to many chriopractors but they usually make it worse. Oh well, I finally got him to go to a general practitioner for a check up, so one step at a time! Have fun in Saint Augustine! Tracy (I have a profile but I guess I didn't log in correctly!)