Friday, April 9, 2010

#42 And Life Goes On

Today is Friday & it is just another day. Like I've said before, retirement isn't vacation 365 days a year, it's just everyday life without the 40 hours a week dedicated to work. We have just about finished helping with the move, we celebrated our anniversary, & spent some quality time catching up with family. We also have our everyday chores like laundry, vacuuming, & house(trailer) maintenance. Then there is the "weekend" that can fall on any day of the week when you don't have a work schedule to adhere to.

Tuesday we got together with my cousins. It had been too many years & I hope we get together more often. In spite of the years gone by it was like it had been yesterday. It is nice to have people in our life like that. On Wednesday we did laundry, cleaned around the house, & went to the Post Office to get our mail. We have to have our mail forwarded to us as we travel. The safest way to get our mail is to have it sent General Delivery to a local PO, or so we thought! With a combined 50+ years in the USPS we have found something we never thought we would see. The Port St Lucie Post Office on Veterans Memorial Pkwy claims they will not accept General Delivery mail. Now understand, this not a contract station, this is a real Post Office staffed by actual postal employees. They have PO boxes, window services, & carriers like any other Post Office so how can they not handle Gen Del mail? We are going to have to look into this!

Thursday was our 21st anniversary. With the weather being as close to perfect as possible we decided to spend the day on our motorcycles. From Port St Lucie we headed up highway A1A North, destination Cocoa Beach. A1A follows right along the beach & we had some awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean. We stopped several time just to walk through the dunes to the beach & take some pictures. It's not the fastest route but with beautiful scenery who's in a hurry? We made it to Cocoa & when in Cocoa what do you do? Go to Ron Jon's! What else? It is just another way to take money from tourists & it is kinda corny but... so what? We turned around & headed south on A1A for a while & then cut across at Patrick AFB to I95 and headed home. A shower, change of clothes, & out for a romantic dinner to complete a perfect celebration of 21 wonderful years.

This bring us back to the start of this blog, Friday. We slept in because we could! Nothing on the schedule 'til this evening so we will lay around, catch up on e-mails, write a blog, & just relax. Tonight we will have dinner with the uncles & just enjoy their company. Saturday & Sunday I have a few things I want to do around the rig that I have been putting off. Again, I don't understand how I found time to go to work & get all this stuff done.

I have another hour or so to do nothing & that is what I am going to do! From our home in Port St Lucie because.....

Home is where we park it,
Fran & Mary


  1. Hi Friends .. we're really enjoying YOUR trip! Happy Anniversary. love, Beryl & John

  2. Mary and Tim MelkeApril 12, 2010 at 10:52 PM

    Hi Guys! Sounds happy you are finally on the road..know how much you looked forward to. We are still here in #138 working and waiting for our big day to "pull out"! Beryl sent us the blog. Love and Hugs, Mary and Tim