Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#34 And The Countdown Begins!

14 days, 2 weeks, half a month, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Time is running out before we hit the road. The two of us(plus Foxy) are both excited & anxious. We are getting excited about continuing our adventures but also hope we can get everything done that we want before we go. Anyone who travels knows that there will always be "one more thing" ,but you still would like to be as ready as possible. Oh well, a little every day and we will be off!

Foxy is doing well after her surgery. We will keep a close eye on her but she is doing well for 14 years(98 dog years) and still is a good traveling companion. Mary's trigger thumb surgery went well & needs no further follow-ups. My back is doing better every day & I think I am at that point where I can say that is worth the pain of surgery. I still have a ways to go but I am confident I will progress well. On the other hand I am having issues at the other end of my spine. Apparently the arthritis in my lower spine is also in my upper spine & has decided to irritate a nerve in my neck & arm. It is being taken care of but I am still hitting the road on time! Load me up with anti-inflammatory, hot packs, and a wife who is willing to give neck rubs & I am good to go (she is reading over my shoulder & laughing "oh yeah?" but I know she loves & will take care of me).

We are putting off travel prep today so Mary can participate in the trailer park's St Pat's Day Parade with the Red Hat Ladies. Yes you heard me, the RED HAT LADIES! She is technically too young, but the club rules allow her to participate as a "junior" or "Red Hat in Training" and she gets to wear a pink hat instead. I am limiting my participation to "semi-official" parade photographer. Mary will have pictures on Facebook & I will try to put some in the blog. Oh well, back to work tomorrow. I am sure I will have more to blog about in the next few days.

We have gotten together with many of our friends this winter but have also missed meeting up with many more. What a wonderful problem to have...too many good friends! Next winter we will try to plan more efficiently & get together with everyone. HAHA, you know what they say about plans.

'Til next time from our short-time home in Largo FL because...
Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary


  1. That's right, tell me all about LEAVING here! I wish I could do it, but who knows when that may happen. Sent Mary an update on Camper shopping, who knows what will be in the pipeline for me. Old Airstream motorhome, pop-up? My budget doesn't allow for much, but my dreams are BIG! Good luck to you both, will live my 'retirement' through the two of you as you travel. Derek

  2. OK people.....I am sick and tired of Frank complaining about not being able to post comments. If I can post, and Derek can post, then surely you can post......Thanks, Mary

  3. I don't understand. Some comment no problem & others?????