Friday, March 5, 2010

#33 Spring? Break?

What is a more sure sign of spring than the Plant City Strawberry Festival? So off we go for Mary's annual short cake fix and a country music concert. As it has been lately, the temperature was a little on the cool side. Then the sun went down as we prepared for the concert. Back to the truck and pile on the layers. Into the concert, under the blanket, & try not to chatter our teeth so much while we sing along! I'm not saying it was cold, but you could see Billy Currrington's breath while he sang!!! This winter has been horrible. Next year I think we should go to Florida where it is warm in the winter!

Well, we are getting closer to being ready for our April departure. We have a severe case of "Hitch-Itch", which for you non-RVers means we want to hit the road. It seems funny that staying in one place for more than a month or so is too long. You grow up look forward to setting down roots & then one day you can't stay in one place for long. Our days are full, what with getting ready and taking care of last minute business before we go, the time is flying. I know we will be gone soon & the adventures will continue.

So I will keep writing from our home in Largo because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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