Saturday, October 24, 2009

#28 Do We Know How To Retire?!?!?

Well, we have been back in FL about 3 weeks and have we been having fun! First we arrived at our old site, then we decided to move to another site, had to do some re-arranging, tree trimming, and leveling on the new site. I hurt my back and had to get an appointment for a spinal injection. A week of nothing until the shot and then some relief. Mary has been having some foot issues for a while and it was coming to a head. It was time to take care of that. Schedule the foot surgery and live with her nerves until the big day. Finally the day is here and she is dreading having her toe "CUT OFF"! Not quite, it was an ingrown toe nail that was getting very painful and needed to be dealt with. Surgery was a success but she is not able to wear shoes for a little while. Let's see what else we can dream up for fun. Oh yeah, Mary has developed "trigger thumb" and needed a shot of cortisone and possibly surgery for that down the road. Next we have dentist appointments, annual physicals(with all the appropriate tests), and we might as well throw in a colonoscopy just for giggles!!!!

I always laughed about the T-shirt that made fun of the "Golden Years". You know the one that talks about bladder issues, prostrate problems, vision, memory and hair loss,not to mention the aches, pains and all the other joys of aging. Right now I am not laughing. I AM accepting, but not laughing about the fact that we are getting older. When did that happen? Really our health is reasonably good, but things happen and they have to be taken care of. It just seems that it all happened at once. The good thing is it will all be taken care of at the same time so we can get back to enjoying life.

We saw the kids and grand kids and are looking forward to spending time with them throughout the holidays. The Snow Birds are starting to arrive and there will be good times to be had with them also. And then there are our friends whom we have missed while we were gone. The time will fly and it will be April before we know it and we will be on the road again to seek out more adventures. If you have been following us on line and are in the area I hope we see you soon. But if that doesn't happen I will keep in touch with the blog and Mary on Face Book and you can join us through the Internet in our home where ever it maybe because.....

Home is where we park it,
Fran & Mary

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