Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#25 Puttin' On The Rally Hat, Gloves, Scarf....

Here we are in Celina OH. We are participating in the Gypsy Journal RV Rally. This is a collection of like-minded people and the vendors who sell products unique to our RV lifestyle. The weather has been just a tad bit colder than we are used to in Florida. Today's high was
55 degrees and the low tonight is expected to be 38 degrees. I have been wearing a jacket most of the time and I think Mary is wearing everything else in the trailer. With a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, scarf, and hat she looks like a multi-colored Michelin Man. I have to give her credit for even going outside. The winds have gusted to 50+ mph so you know it felt a lot colder. Even the dog has adapted to the cold. Now her walks outside are purely business...out, squat, in, and that's it!

The rally itself has been a lot of fun so far. We have met some very nice and very interesting people. Full time RVers are a unique breed created by living in close quarters and ever changing neighborhoods. Mercer County Fairgrounds is our current home and has been very accommodating. There are as many different RVs as there are RVers. Motor homes of every description, 5th wheel trailers from 20' to 40', and a motor home that runs on vegetable oil! This has also been a learning experience. We are going to seminars on everything from RV fire safety to RV insurance and almost anything else RV related you can think of. There are also a hundred ways you can part with your money. Anything from must "haves" to "what do you do with that?". Self control is the policy of the day, but there is always tomorrow.

We will be here through the weekend and then we will move on. Where to? I'm not sure but our plan is still to be back in FL by November. Anything between Ohio and Florida is fair game. I will keep you informed as we make plans. Freezing our butt's off, in a field, at the fairgrounds, in Celina OH, this is home because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Funny! Can almost imagine Mary wearing what's left in the RV. It was 'supposed' to be in the 60's here Wed night, but now only 70's, sigh.....Oh well, think I can handle it, as long as I don't have to bundle up like Mary is doing!

  2. Sounds great .. a bit of cool weather .. we're having low 80's for a day or two & in 70's at night.. need to see that pic of Mary! Have fun .. Happy BOO-DAY ! smiles B ;+) & J %+)

  3. Oh, come on!! In the Midwest this is still bikini weather.You can say BRRRRR when the thermometer reaches 0 degrees. The midwest can spot tourists, too! Too many layers of clothes. Honestly...enjoy your blogs immensely. I hope you realize that I created a gmail address specifically so that I can harass you on your blog. I still use RR for emails, though. Jealous as hell. Much love. Mary & Mike