Wednesday, September 23, 2009

#24 Making a House a Home

We are still in Elkhart and have been doing some shopping. After all, this is the "RV Capitol of the World"! Not only do they have RV factories, there are also RV accessory manufacturers, customizers, surplus parts warehouses, etc. An RV, like any home, starts out as a house, residence, or abode. You then make it your own and it becomes a home. Well, we have been doing just that since we bought our trailer. Little things like curtains, pictures, and other decorative touches. We have also done some plumbing and appliance upgrades. Now we are redoing some of the furniture. This is no small undertaking when you consider that all the furniture that comes with an RV is built in. This involves tearing out the old and custom building the new. If you didn't already know, the Amish are some of the finest craftsmen in the country if not the world. Their woodworking skills are more than skills, they are art. The install is planned for Friday and I will let you know how it went. We are excited about the improvement to come.

I also mentioned in the past that the food in Amish country is to die for. It might also kill me. We went to a family style, all-you-can-eat dinner today. Six hours later I still feel like I might burst. The food, while not fancy, is so good we couldn't say no when they asked if they could bring us more. When I found out that they didn't have a roll out service to get me to the car I had to stop, but not after some home made Dutch Apple pie. I had to try it, and it was worth it, but I could not finish it. So we stopped at the bakery and got a custard pie to go. I may never eat again after we leave here. I was just glad that I fit through the door to the trailer when we got home.

Well we have to get things packed so we can move the trailer. That's one of the nice things about living in an RV, when I need someone to work on my house I just bring it to them! After the furniture upgrade we will get ready to leave for Ohio. There is an RV rally put on by a couple who put out an RV newspaper called "The Gypsy Journal". We've met them before and look forward to seeing them again at the rally if they aren't too busy. We have volunteered to help so this should be interesting as well as fun. I will write more later. "til then.....

Continuing to make our house a home in Elkart because.....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Pictures of all of the upgrades! Can't wait to get to Mary's Facebook page over the weekend, in hopes of seeing all of the fun!


  2. Enjoying your posts. Your comments made me homesick. You weren't far from Evansville. This place is geting worse, you left at the perfect time.

    Don and Barbara

  3. I don't know how to Facebook or blog. I am technilogically challenged, can't even use a digital camera - I do have a brand new one, still in the box for I don't know how long. Your blog is on my favorites list though.

    Since walking out of the PO and losing my soul mate, I have just let life pass me by.

    I do enjoy your blogging very much and you both seem to be so happy RVing.

    Betty Boop