Saturday, September 5, 2009

#20 A Milestone?

20 Blog posts, and I didn't think that I would have enough to write about! I know when it starts feeling less and less like a vacation there will be less to write about. We shall see...

Back to Louisville. I forgot to tell you that we went to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. The grounds are impressive with the landscaping, historical monuments, and the buildings themselves. Walking through the paddock area you think the place is huge until the driving tour takes you around to the back stretch. Then you see all the real behind the scene areas. 40 plus barns with 20 stalls to a barn. You do the math. Then there are quarters for the stable hands, all the maintenance buildings, and other associated facilities. Modernization and expansion is inevitable but the local historical societies stopped any proposed changes to the famous "Double Spires". The new parts on either side of the spired area dwarf the old grandstand but it makes it no less impressive.

Today it was wineries!!! 80 miles, 3 wineries, 3 different wine tastings, several gallons of wine in the back seat, and a nice buzz. All in all a good day. Some of these wineries are not exactly on the beaten path. Narrow winding roads getting narrower and narrower, nothing and no one in sight, and I am starting to hear banjo music. Sorry about the stereotype from the boy from NYC. After the roads get to their narrowest they disappear! Now it's just gravel and dirt! Eventually there is a building with some good wines and the nicest people. It was a long day and with a fair amount of wine samples consumed we thought it best to go home. Mary fell asleep on the way(see buzz) and when we got back to the trailer she was ready for another nap. So was I!

Well, we are getting some things packed for our morning departure so I will call it a day. We will be calling Poland IN our home next because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. WINE ! now you're getting into "my fav's" -- not so sure I would have gone "into the back woods" as a gal from Brooklyn! what's your area in NYC? John & I also toured the "spirits" in KY. -- the best was Makers Mark - my favorite ;+) Happy Days to you both . grammbo