Thursday, September 3, 2009

#18 Just a Short Note

This is a rare morning Blog. Most times I write at the end of the day but today is different. We were supposed to leave this morning but it has been raining all night and it is still going strong. Loading the bikes and hooking up are not fun in the rain so we are thinking about waiting a day. After all we are on no particular schedule.

Back to Nashville...Once we decided not to see the nite-life of the country music scene, the Country Music Hall of Fame was next on our list. Now, I like country music but only over the last 15 years or so. The HOF has a lot of artists and memorabilia from the 50's,60's, & 70's. Not a lot that I know about but Mary was raised on that stuff by her grandparents. So on we went. The place is pretty cool but again, if your not up on the old stuff it gets kinda ho hum. We took a break to go feed the parking meter and have some lunch. On our return we were told that they were recording an episode of "Crook & Chase", a talk show that has country music stars as their guests. Our tickets to the HOF gave us admittance to the taping. The guests were Wynonna Judd
and Chris Young. Wynonna, eh. Chris Young, cool! The show was pretty cool. We have been to a TV taping once before but this was different. A couple of years ago we saw David Letterman and his show is taped just as you see it on TV plus a warm up act and the band playing during commercial breaks. This show did all the interviews first and then the acts played at the end. They then piece it together to look like it was taped live. The whole experience was neat and was definitely the highlight of the day! We went back into the museum and saw the rest of the artifacts and called it a day. We actually had been there over 5 hours, so it must have pretty interesting after all.

Uh oh, I've got to go. It seems that the sun is starting to come out and we are going to be leaving after all. Finish breakfast, clean up, hook up, and loading the bikes can take an hour or two so I had better get going.

Getting ready to leave our home in TN for our home in KY because....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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