Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#17 Still At Home

Yes we are still at home, no we aren't still in NC. We made the trip to Nashville TN in 6 hours. Not bad when you consider that we are towing our house behind us! We also make frequent stops to stretch our legs and let Foxy out to do what she does. Besides that, we are in no rush to get anywhere anymore. Again, another perk of not having a job that you have to get back to. I know I go on about being retired and some of you may be getting tired of hearing it, but, what I want you all to know is how great it is and that I hope that someday all of you can experience it yourselves. So, forgive my excitement about being retired and keep your dreams alive for your future what ever it may be.

We are at a campground just outside Nashville, at a substantial savings in camp fees. After we set up the rig we took the bikes into Nashville just to look around and to get our bearings. Walking down Broadway we passed the bars and "honky-tonks" with all the wanna-be country music stars. You know, the ones who think they sound just like George Straight or Reba McEntire but sound like a cat in a blender. Occasionally you find one that does sound like the stars or better yet have a good sound of their own, but they are few and far between. If it was easy we all would be recording stars! It was fun because we enjoy country music but as we walked down the street we realized that the bar/club scene was not for us anymore. A good concert with people our age(not that I'm saying we're old) and like tastes is more our style.

Well it has been along day, what with all the traveling and setting up, not to mention I missed my nap.... I did tell you that I now take naps?..... I will sign off for now in the same house in our new home in Nashville TN because........

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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