Thursday, July 23, 2009

#7 On Our Way

We packed everything away , hooked up our rig, & left Largo by 11:00AM. I have decided that we have too much "STUFF"! That means,if I want to get rid of some of "our" stuff I will have to start with "my" stuff. Living "Full Time" in an RV means having minimal amounts of stuff,only necessities. Uneventful trip to the east coast, but are looking foward to spending time with family.

This retirement thing can be addicting. Get where you get when you get there, hanging out by the pool, cruising around (on motorcycles) just to check out the neighborhood, or just doing nothing.

We will be visiting for a few days & then on the road!

Till my next post, Frank & Mary @ home on the East Coast because...
Home is where we park it.

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