Thursday, July 30, 2009

#9 North Carolina

We left Ashburn which was only a stopover. Next stop...Winder GA. Awesome state park for RVs. Fort Yargo State Park had huge RV sites, trees, a lake and it wasn't 90 freakin' degrees!!! The site had water & electric, but no sewer hook-up. We don't have to empty our waste water tanks but every 4-6 days depending on usage.

This brings us back to RVer self entertainment. I got myself a new toy! Remember that clear plastic tube that offers a wonderful view of the sewage dumping? Well I've gone one better. I have added a macerator pump. Think garbage disposal for poop!?!?! It grinds all the sewage solids & pumps it through a 3/4" hose instead of the standard gravity drain 3" hose. It also will pump the ground-up sewage up hill!!! Why, you ask is that important? Well with no sewer hook-up you have to move your whole RV to the remote dump station or use a portable waste water tank. The macerator(AKA "Poop Shooter") will pump the waste up into the portable tank in the back of the pickup truck which is much simpler to drive to the dump station. Voila! Poop is gone!!!

Ahh, the joys of RVing. And to think this is the life we voluntarily are living and enjoying!

Our business complete in Winder GA, we head to Cherokee NC area. Arrive safe & sound and see a friend we planned to meet. We will stay in the area for a month and check out the local attractions. I will keep everyone up to date on our adventures. Until then.....

Home is where we park it

Frank & Mary

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  1. First the satellite dish and now a poop grinder? Frank, I'm worried about what retirement is doing to you....

    Donna MT