Saturday, December 17, 2016

'16/#52 As Ready As We Can Be

The cold weather that has been forecast is starting to move in. This morning the temperature was 57 degrees and it is supposed to drop down to 11 degrees tomorrow morning. That is a 47 degree drop in 24 hours! Right now it is 35 degrees, a 22 degree drop in 7 hours. As I have said before, the trailer is skirted and heat lamps have been deployed. Propane tanks are full, electric heaters are on, and the electric blanket is ready for tonight. That is everything we could think of and are hoping it will be enough.      

Right now I am sitting here filling propane cylinders as people come in to get ready for the cold. I am watching bad TV and drinking a lot of coffee. Mary is at work and I am planning dinner. One of the girls where Mary works just quit so she will be home a little later than scheduled.

I am going to end this blog since there is not much going on here at our home in Fosyth Missouri because.....

Home is where we park it,
RFrank and Mary

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