Wednesday, June 1, 2016

'16/#18 Always Something And Not Enough Time?

We are back in Florida and we are hip deep in jello. After the tire issues we now have to replace a shock absorber that broke when the tire blew. Finding the shock was a problem since RVs and trailers are not built with any standardization. It took some time but we found the parts at a good price. I just hope that it shows up so we can hit the road on time.

Getting set up we came upon another problem. Our loft area has always been used for storage and it has worked well for us. When we left Elkhart we committed the cardinal sin of not securing everything. Heading in to the garage we couldn't open the door. Apparently the bins in the loft tipped over and came crashing down and caused the ceiling to drop in the garage. Three trips to Home Depot and a full day of sweating and the garage ceiling is back to where it should be and better than before.

While we are here in Zephyrhills we have been catching up with friends that we left just a month ago. It seems like longer but I guess that happens when you have good friends. We will also see family in the area before we set out for our summer trip.

As soon as the shocks come in we will install them and get ready for our adventure with the grand kids. Until then goodnight so I can get a well earned nights sleep in our home in Zephyrhills because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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