Saturday, May 21, 2016

"16/#15 Getting Ready To Move On

The work on the trailer is done and we are happy with the end result. It is time to head on down the road. Today we finished putting the trailer back together so we could find all our stuff. While emptying the kitchen cabinets we found out that Mary has a problem. It's not drugs or drinking like so many other people have to deal with. No, Mary just has to be different. We found a stash of 14 containers of antiseptic counter wipes under the kitchen sink. Now you have to remember that we live in an RV and storage space is at a premium so, 14! I don't know if it exists, but I think she needs to find a meeting for her particular addiction.

Everything is back in the cabinets and we are heading out to do some laundry. After that a quick stop at Walmart, fill up with diesel, and back to the repair shop. By the way the repair shop is Duncan RV Repair in Elkhart Indiana. I didn't mention them by name until I could assess the work they did for us and I give them a big thumbs up! Everyone was friendly and tried to be as helpful as they could. There was plenty of room for RVs to park with utilities available(water and electric, plus a dump station). And they don't mind if you have to stay a while even when the work is completed. A few days of free camping while preparing for travel is always nice.  If I ever need work done again I will make the trip back to Elkhart!

Once we get back to the shop we will dump all our waste water holding tanks and top off the fresh water. Tomorrow we hit the road. Our first stop will be at one of our regular stops in Indiana, The Alice and Larry Family Campground. If you have followed us in the past you know of this place. Cozy, welcoming, and just like coming home! It also happens to be the backyard of our dear friends Alice and Larry. We can't pass through the Hoosier State without stopping in. We wouldn't want to and they wouldn't allow it. Hopefully we can find the time to see another friend of ours who recently moved up here to central Indiana. With a week blocked off we should have plenty of time.

The laundry is almost done so I will be signing off now from the laundromat near our home in Elkhart because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank and Mary

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