Thursday, September 27, 2012

'12/#39 It's All On One Hand!

We have been busy lately with D-Day approaching. D-Day is departure day for us. Things that rattle & shift have been stowed. The motorcycle & scooter are loaded, I installed my new tire pressure monitoring system on all 12 tires, & we washed the truck & trailer. I was so motivated I even got out the wax for the front end cap that seems to catch every bug within 10 miles of our travels. The wax will make it easier to clean off the bug carcasses at our next stop.

Some of our coworkers have left already. A few have homes & grandkids to get back to & another group are moving on down the road to new jobs. Most of these are going to the sugar beet harvest. Now if you follow us on the blog you know that we did the beet harvest in 2010. Even though it wasn't the worst experience in my opinion we all know that my opinion doesn't count. Mary's opinion was much different. She would rather have her finger nails pulled one by one before she would go back to the beet harvest. She tried to relay that to our new friends who were headed to the beet harvest but they were not deterred. I gave them a more realistic view of the job without sugar coating it & wished them well in their new endeavour.

Back to us though...we are getting the gift shop ready to close for the season. Inventory is being taken, things are being put in storage, & a final cleaning is getting done. There are only 4 more days & we are done! That means I can count them on one hand!!! There will be a pizza party the last day & we will say our goodbyes to all our new friends. After that we hit the road. We have decided to come back to Cody for another season. There is too much that we haven't seen & we have made such good friends we thought it was a good idea to come back next year.

Our next stop will be in Elkhart IN, the RV capitol of the world. We want to do a few things to the rig & visit some of the places we have grown fond of in our travels through the area. Amish foods, local crafts, RV factories, Amish food, RV surplus stores, & Amish food. You get the idea. When we leave it will be diet time.

Well I will call it a night on one of our last nights here in our home in Cody WY because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Guess this will get posted just as you two are closing shop in Wyoming for the final time. Be safe in your travels. Look forward to seeing all of the photos!