Friday, September 7, 2012

'12/#38 Scratch, Scratch, Itch, Itch

It's that time again. 21 more days in Cody & 17 more days of work. The days are starting to run together faster, the store is getting ready to shut down for the season, & everyone here is starting to get the "itch". I'm talking about "hitch-itch". That phenomenon that RVers get after we have been in one place for awhile. The urge to hitch up the rig & move on down the road. With our whole neighborhood consisting of workcampers the "itch" has become an epidemic. The signs are everywhere.

All around Workcamper Village vehicles are getting serviced & rigs are getting cleaned. Last minute shopping is being done & day trips are being planned. And finally, new found friends are swapping contact information to keep in touch. Some are even making plans to get together over the winter while everyone wants to know who is coming back to Cody next year. We are one of the many couples who will be back next year.

Our original plan for workcamping was to spend one year at each location & move on to another part of the country. That seemed to work out until this year. We haven't seen everything that we wanted to in this area so have decided to come back for another year. Cody is a good home base for the things we want to see, the job is waiting for us, the camping works out great, & we have made a lot of good friends . There is no real down side to returning. So all our followers can look forward to another season of stories & pictures from Wyoming.

Well it is time to go to work (17 days , but who's counting?) so I will sign off from our home in Cody for the next 21 days(again,who's counting?) because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Frank, thanks for letting me 'live vicariously' through your blogging. I'm certain Cody is a wonderful place. Only 8 1/2 years before I can do the same! Derek