Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'11/#55 I'm Trying,REALLY!

Good grief, where does the time go? 2 weeks without a blog! We have been busy but somehow there doesn't seem to be that much to write about. With park activities, friends & family, plus the holidays coming it just seems to be a never ending list of minuscule chores to be done. Well let's see if I can bring everyone up to date.

The first bit of excitement was our annual physicals. Whoop-de-do! I always look forward to the yearly poke-n-prod & swab-n-stick. After conditional bills of health(wait for lab results & lose some weight) we couldn't wait for the retiree luncheon. There were about 20 of us "postal survivors" that got together to catch up on recent escapades & coworkers still at the PO. Plans were made to get together after the holidays which works out great for us since we will be heading out of FL a little earl er this year. Over the weekend one of our friends from the PO came to visit us at the RV park. He had recently bought a classic Airstream & wanted to take it somewhere & show it off. We had a blast talking RV's with him & he had a great time showing it off to all our friends in the park. That was enough for that week.

The following week was just as busy. First there was lunch with the Red Hats Ladies & Romeos. Everyone knows what the Red Hats are....well the Romeos are men's answer to the Red Hats. ROMEO stands for "Retired Old Men Enjoying Ourselves". We usually wind up at Wing House or Mugs-n-Jugs just because we can. Hot wings, cold beer, & pretty girls. Us old guys can figure out what to do with at least 2 out of 3 of these. That night we went out to dinner wit hour good friends from IN to celebrate Mary's 50th birthday. No, I am not in trouble for telling her age. To her it is just a number & she is proud of it. The next day Jessie & Jim took us out for birthday breakfast.It was nice to sit down with them & just talk. Let's see that brings us to Friday which means we met up with Victor & Melissa for lunch. Again it was nice to catch up with friends.

Saturday was the first Thanksgiving dinner. Well it was actually a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. The residents in the park like to have a pre dinner the Saturday before the holiday because so many of them leave to be with friends & family. This way we can have it both ways, with family & with our neighbors. After eating too much, as is tradition, we come to Sunday & off to dinner again with friends for my birthday. Lots of good food & yet I am looking forward to a simple meal at home for a few days. After all the real holiday hasn't arrived yet.

Well my palate for simple foods is going to bed now in our home in Largo FL because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from both of us!

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  1. I had a blast camping with you guys. Getting Airstream ready for this coming weekend too! See you on Friday.