Wednesday, June 8, 2011

'11/#26 It's Work But We're Havin' Fun

Here I am sitting all alone waiting to go to work. It is one of those days where Mary's & my schedule don't match up. Rather than turn the TV on I opted for the computer. At least I will use part of my brain. I will pick up where I left off which was Friday.

Saturday was another day at Red's. It was slow even though they were expecting major crowds. It is Sevier Days at Dollywood. The residents & people who work in Sevier County get in at a substantially reduced rate plus school is letting out sooooo. Well the crowds never showed up so the boss asked if we wanted to go home early & of course we said yes. Mary tried again to close out her drawer & I think I heard a blood curdling scream from the office. She is going insane over this. She has had it with all the "help" & is about to lose it. We finally got out of there, we stopped at the PO for our mail, & headed home. Went through the weeks worth of mail, checked e-mails, & watched TV while dinner cooked. After we ate we watched a little more TV & called it a night. Mary has finally calmed down about the drawer but there is tomorrow.

Sunday we went to work expecting a busy day. Again the crowds never materialized. It turned into an easy day but there was still the cash drawer to cash out at the end of the day. Mary disappears into the office & I cross my fingers. Will this be the day? I hear voices from behind the closed door but have no idea how it is going. Finally the door opens & Mary emerges victorious. She had it out with one of the girls who wanted to help when all that Mary wanted was to be left alone. The drawer is now Mary's friend, yeah.

Monday was our day off. We got up, had breakfast, & decided to do nothing that day. So after breakfast we sat around a while. Mary was tired so went to take a nap & I decided to finish reading my book. Then I went on the computer & eventually turned on the TV. I started cooking dinner while I caught up on the shows on the DVR. It was time to wake up sleeping beauty since she had been "napping" for 4 hours. After dinner Mary baked some brownies that we enjoyed before calling it a day. We planned on doing nothing & I would say that we succeeded.

Monday the crowds showed up but they all came as 2 groups. The first group was one family that ordered 28 meals on 1 order. We went crazy trying to fill the order in a timely manner. Once that was done the rest of the day was steady but busy. It was getting close to closing time & we had started our clean up in the kitchen when the bus from camp showed up! With the broiler re-fired & the fries dropped in the fryer we were ready for the girls at the register to do their thing. Over 40 individual orders in 15 minutes & we were ready to close the doors. Tuesday was a much easier day even though we were busy. Mary went home at 6pm & I stayed until 8pm to close. It was a long day but we are off tomorrow.

This day off we will do something. I don't know what but we will get out of the house this time. So this is good night from our home in TN because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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