Thursday, December 9, 2010

#138 What Free Time?

Where did all the free time go that I was supposed to get when I retired? Time is getting away from us & that is the only reason for the time between blog posts. The hecticness that comes with the holiday season along with our volunteer work & doctor visits has filled our calendar.

We did start our volunteer work at the grand kids school. 2nd grade was a challenge so we moved down to 1st grade. This was better but we still felt a little awkward so we regressed to kindergarten. We found our niche!!! Apparently we were made for gluing popsicle sticks. Actually we did well in all grades and were pleasantly surprised at how advanced each grade was compared to when we attended elementary school. We are having fun & look forward to more time in school until we leave in the spring.

Hopefully our medical visits are winding down. Mary's tests are showing negative results, which is good, but still requires treatment that is much less invasive than was originally thought. My tests are another story. The gastric problems I've had over the past couple of months necessitated an EGD & colonoscopy(AKA throat-cam & butt-cam). For those who have not had the pleasure the throat-cam requires fasting after midnight & leaves you with a scratchy throat for a day. On the other hand the butt-cam is a whole 'nother experience. First there is the indignity of the bowel-prep or as I like to call it "extreme pooping". Think 4-6 hours with your butt needing to stay within several feet of the toilet. Also fasting for almost 24 hours. Not only do you get hungry but family members (my loving wife) feel bad about eating in front of you & if they do the smell is torture to the fasting victim. The day of the test is the final insult. Even though anesthesia is used they still shove what looks like a 40' hose up your butt. After the test is done you feel like a Macy's Day balloon and spend the day spouting enough gas to put holes in the ozone layer. Sounds like fun doesn't it? All looked good & it is now over so I can look forward to not doing this again for at least a few years.

As far as Christmas we are doing very well. We actually are just about done with our shopping. As I've said before, grand parents are not finished until December 24th or the money is gone. We are grand parents & proud of it. Now all we have to do is wrap a garage full of presents. We also plan to get together with friends & family this holiday season so the calendar is still very full. This is Christmas & we wouldn't have it any other way. My only question is how did we get this done before we retired?

Well it's time to do some wrapping so goodnight from our winter home in Largo because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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