Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#136 Procrastinate No More

We have been back in Pinellas County for 3 weeks now & I have put off figuring our driving costs for the past 7 months. Well the numbers have been added, divided, & analyzed so without further ado, the envelope please....

During the 7 months from April 1st - Nov 1st we traveled over a 7000 mile loop. Once all the side trips to the store, laundromat, & commuting to our job were added in it came to a grand total of 13333 miles. This doesn't include the approximately 3000 miles we put on our motorcycles. I'm tired just thinking about driving all that way! Now we don't just drive, we have to stop periodically to put fuel in the truck. This is the part I was trying to ignore. Again this does not include the motorcycle so it is diesel fuel only. In 7 months we stopped for fuel 34 times for a total of 1372 gallons of diesel. Prices for diesel varied from state to state from a low of $2.75 in Goshen IN to a high of $3.23 in Cooperstown NY which averaged out to $3.01 for the trip. For those without a calculator handy that adds up to $4,132 to feed the truck that pulls our home from place to place. On an up note we did average just shy of 10mpg for the 7 months. Now I know that sounds like a lot to most of you but for RVers that's pretty decent. You have to remember that we are not driving one of these econo-boxes or a hybrid down the road. We are driving what amounts to a semi-tractor trailer weighing over 25000 lbs.

I also broke this all down by month. We averaged 1900 miles & $590 per month. These figures are a bit higher than we would like but we knew this year was going to be the exception. This being our first year on the road we knew that we would be traveling more & not staying in one place very long. Starting next year we will be staying longer & at fewer destinations. This will be so that we can explore areas more thoroughly while we work in parts of the country we want to visit. This will be more of our RV lifestyle. The past 7 months was a cross between vacation & a celebration of our retirement.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving as are most of you out there so Happy Thanksgiving to your homes from ours in Largo FL because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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