Monday, October 11, 2010

#126 Fargo In My Rear View Mirror

No more beets, no more roads paved by jackhammer, & soon no more 40 degree mornings. It wasn't all bad but we are glad to put this experience behind us. Westward 250 miles & we find ourselves in Minneapolis MN. Now for those of you who don't know much about Minneapolis let me educate you. This is the home of the Minnesota Twins who are now out of the playoffs. This is also the home to the Minnesota Vikings who right now at half time are losing to the NY Jets. But most important(at least to Mary) this is the home of the Mall of America. This largest shopping mall in the US is like the mother ship to my darling wife as well as all other admitted shopaholics.

We passed through here on the way to Fargo & Mary's shopping antenna was twitching like crazy. I had to promise that we would stop on the way back to keep her from jumping out of the truck. Well here we are & I have to say the MOA is something to see. As far as stores it is no different than any other up scale mall. The usual stores with things that real people can't use or wear or afford, food court vendors that are found in typical malls, & anchor stores that anchor malls across the country. The difference is there are 3-4 times the number of each category as your average mall. This place is huge! With 4 anchor stores, at least 30 food vendors, & over 500 shops you would think that was enough for anyone but no....there is more. In the center is a Nickelodeon Themed amusement park with numerous rides including 2 roller coasters & a log flume. This isn't a mall, this is an amusement park with stores!

We just walked around for a little while this evening but are planning to go back tomorrow.We will spend a little more time & hopefully not too much money. Living in an RV has changed the way we shop. Every purchase is now based on where will we put it & how much weight it will add. It also has to pass the "one item in & one item out" rule that should be the mantra of all full time RVers.

It has been a long day. Breaking camp in Fargo, driving to Minneapolis, & setting up takes its toll. Add the trip to the mall & we have had a full day so I will call it a night from our home in Minneapolis because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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