Thursday, September 16, 2010

#117 The End Is Near

It is Thursday & the last day of the Escapade. We have had a blast meeting new friends & catching up with old ones. When you are on the road you never know when you will meet up with another RVer down the highway. The weather has been all but perfect until today. It is raining off & on, & sometimes quite heavily. Tomorrow is forecast to clear some but the weekend looks like more of the wet stuff. We will pack as much today in between the rain to be ready to leave tomorrow. Also today we are scheduled to get the truck weighed. This is part of weight safety for our rig. Tomorrow the whole rig(truck & trailer) will be weighed on our way out of the fairgrounds. We will see how good(or bad) we have been about watching what we put into the rig. There might be an RV diet in our future.

I mentioned that we are headed to N Dakota to work the beet harvest. I know we are retired but I don't think anyone could be on vacation 365 days a year. We have decided to work camp at times through the year to have purpose in life & a little extra cash is always nice. OK here's the point of this little bit of rambling. While at the rally there were a few work camping opportunities for us to check out. The first was the Care-vanners. This is a group of RVers who travel around the country working with Habitat for Humanity. It is an organization that gives those in need an opportunity to have decent housing. For anyone interested in giving to charities this is one you should look at. As Habitat for Humanity says "we don't give a hand-out we give a hand up".

Our other work camping opportunity we signed on for don't laugh.....Dollywood. Yes we are going to work in a theme park named after Dolly Parton. When I heard costumes I said "NO!" but once I found out it was no more than jeans & plaid shirts I was OK. We will be working in food services & it is only 3 days a week. That will give us plenty of time to ride around the area on our bikes & relax while making a little money. We will be there some time during the 2011 season which gives us plenty of time to plan.

Well, the rain is still coming down & I have to get the truck weighed so I have to go, but while the truck is out we may head into town to do a little shopping before we hit the road. Grocery store parking lots are much easier to navigate without a 40' trailer. So this is our last day in our home at the Goshen Fairgrounds because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Oh I wish we could join you during your Dollywood tour :0) Will you be staying at Little River campgrounds? I so love that area!!! I have a friend that lives in that area as well but up on the mountain..known her since I was prego with Austin :0)

    Enjoy your time and take some great photos for us!!

    Blessings for safe travel and good health, always..


  2. Frank, won't the truck/trailer combo weigh more while it's raining????? just Derek