Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#116 Let The Escapade Begin!

Sunday was the opening ceremonies & orientation. One of the things they mentioned was the number of people that were under the weather due to the "Goshen Flu". It has been going around for the better part of a month so the good news is that the RVers didn't bring it we just get to share it. This could explain my not feeling well for the past couple of weeks. Where have we been while the rig was getting fixed???? Why right here in the incubator! I didn't get full-on flu symptoms, just enough to put a damper on our plans. Today I am feeling a bit better & hope to get into the swing of things. Back to Sunday, it was amazing to see so many RVers in one place. The Escapees(SKPs) have over 100,000 members so it shouldn't have been so surprising but it was to us first timers.

Monday was still not a good day for me so I stayed in most of the day. Mary on the other hand jumped in to the activities with both feet both literally & figuratively. The alarm went off at the unholy hour of 7am(remember I've night shifted for 32 years) & Mary got up to go line dancing. Yes, line dancing! The dog & I went back to sleep. As I said, I wasn't feeling great so Mary went to a couple of classes & came back to get me for lunch. Plans had been made to meet up with some of our Internet friends from the RV Dreamers. It was fun finally putting faces to the names & swapping stories about how we got into the RV lifestyle. Info was shared & promises made to keep an eye out for each other while traveling.

I know that I have mentioned that we will be working the sugar beet harvest in N Dakota. That is all well & good but we want to do more in the way of giving back to the community. When we had more money than time we gave in the ways we could, but things have changed. Now we have more time than money & are able to give more in the way of time so we are looking into groups like Habitat for Humanity. SKPs have BOFs(Birds of s Feather) that are groups with like mind sets & goals. In fact there are several BOFs affiliated with organizations that travel about to help others & we are looking into several of them. There are several seminars this week for information & recruiting that we will attend & I am sure we will find at least one that will be a good fit for us.

Well it is Tuesday & I am feeling better so onward & upward. Out into the rally I go from our home at the Goshen Fairgrounds because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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