Tuesday, August 10, 2010

# 105 Rock On!

First, my apologies to any Cleveland Brown fans. When I hear Cleveland Browns I think about the team that skipped town to become the Baltimore Ravens & forget about the new team that more deserves the adoration of the fans.

Anyway, on to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Does it need 4 hours to be seen? HA! We were there almost 5 1/2 hours & skipped at least 2 movies that could have taken another 2 hours to see. The history of Rock & Roll, the memorabilia, & the personal contributions are amazing. Pages & notebooks of hand written lyrics give an insight to the individuals not as Rock Stars but as people. The progression of their personal possessions as they became more famous & the contributions they made to friends, family, community, & the industry allows us to see their personal growth. Some also showed their demons & ultimate downfalls.

All of this in one place makes it a trip to remember. If you are a real fan of Rock & Roll then this has got to be on your bucket list of things to see. If you just happen to be in the Cleveland area & have ever owned a radio in the last 50 years it is worth the visit. Unless you have lived under a rock for the last half century this museum will bring back memories & touch the "singing in the shower" Rock Star in all of us.

Tomorrow we leave for Elkhart IN, the RV capital of the world. We are having some work done on the rig & will enjoy visiting the Amish communities in the area. This is not the time to start a diet. Elkhart will be our home for a couple of weeks. This RV lifestyle allows us to take our home to the repairmen when it needs work instead of waiting for them to show up. And like any home it does need some work from time to time. So this is our last night in our home in Huron OH because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Okay..officially jealous now. I want to visit an Amish community at some point in my life as I have researched their history and respect their simplistic life. Granted some traditions are a bit unusual, but I still respect them.

    Enjoy your time there as well as the crafts, food, etc.

    Blessings, always,