Monday, April 26, 2010

#51 Not There Yet, But Still Home

I last said that we would be writing you all from our month long home in Virginia. Well we are in Virginia & we are in our home, we just haven't made it to our intended destination. South western VA has some pretty steep grades & I pushed the truck a little harder than I should have so we decided to stop & have a short day into north western VA tomorrow. As the altitude increased the temperature decreased. Charleston was a balmy 76 deg when we left and Wytheville VA was a brisk 53 deg when we arrived. Tonight 's low is expected to be 49 degrees. Mary is digging out the winter clothes! She is glued to every weather channel on TV & the web. I guess she thinks if she looks enough she can change the weather.

We were going to boon dock tonight. That means no hook-ups. We would basically be sitting in a parking lot using our generator, batteries, fresh water supply, & waste water holding tanks for the night. It's not as bad as it sounds when you consider that is what an RV is made for. Mary convinced me that we should find a campground instead of a truck-stop. It will be nicer to have all the amenities that hook-ups provide & it is also nice to have Mary happy.

Tomorrow we should be in north western VA by lunch time. We will set up for a one month extended stay & plan to enjoy all that the Shenandoah Valley affords. For the next month our home will be in Greenville VA because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. OK now, lets be careful as we go - if I'm on this trip with you - you know an ole-gal needs the ALL the amenities !! smiles. I really expect to settle-into a lovely campground for the coming month. ;+) (did you realize you had a third person with you)! Happy Days ;+) grammbo

  2. We're enjoying following your route on google & bing maps - we can look right down on you !! Oh my, ;) wink, wink! %+) & ;+)