Friday, September 18, 2009

#23 We Are NOT Alone!

It was an easy day's drive, even with staying off the interstate, and here we are in Elkhart,IN. We set up our rig and and met up with the organizer of the rally we are going to in Ohio. Nick is a fun guy to talk to and I hope we get to talk to him more before the rally. Heck, we even volunteered to help. As I have said in the past, this is the RV capitol of the world. I would guess that there are more RV manufacturers in this part of the country than anywhere else. RV's seem to be as common here as taxi's are in NYC. The looks we get on the road are more "what's different between our rigs" than "WOW, that is a big trailer". There is also that knowing nod between RVers that says "this is the life".

Being the RV capitol there are factory tours, dealers, parts warehouses, and accessory manufacturers galore! Sounds like there is some shopping to be done. Maybe some medium to large ticket items and upgrades. If we take the motorcycles maybe we won't buy things we can't carry. Yeah,right! We'll find a way. We are riding the bikes because the weather has been beautiful. Oh, did I mention this is Amish country. Interesting people, these Amish. A very different lifestyle, but as they say, "different strokes for different folks". Most of you know that Amish don't drive cars. Transportation is horse and buggy. That means that vehicle emissions are different than we are used to. Biodegradable, yes. Messy, yes. Pungent, OH YEAH! Add to that, we are on motorcycles and get to appreciate the aroma up close. Yuck! The crafts are beautiful and the cooking is all home made and out of this world. This is not the place to start a diet.

We did take the truck out this morning and found a couple of wholesale parts warehouses. Found several things we were looking for at a substantial savings. We had fun generally browsing through all the different parts from lights and cabinets to axle assemblies and waste water holding tanks. We also found a few things that will make some of our planned upgrades a little easier to do.

Tomorrow we stop being tourists and go back to being just retired. The day to day things that need to be done.Things like laundry, washing the truck & trailer, and the ever popular "honey-do" and project lists. There are fall festivals we will try to squeeze in along with a couple of factory tours. So, for now we are calling Elkhart,IN home because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. I wanna know what the upgrades are, and if Frank had to clean up the biodegradeable waste on the bike fenders yet!!!

  2. Frank, I just love reading your blogs. Please continue,Please!
    I still feel connected to you and Mary this way. I sure do miss not seeing you at the PO. I can tell by your writing, that you are having a wonderful retirement. I hope I am mobile when I reach retirement, so I can go out and see the world. Meanwhile, I will read stuff you put on your blog and view the pictures Mary puts on facebook. Thanks for getting me out of Florida with your travels! Happy traveling, Patti

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog. I wish I could get Larry to get out and travel. Keep up the good work. I almost feel like I am traveling along with you.
    See you soon.

  4. Dear Frank and Mary ,please take me with you...... John Abramo

  5. Great blog, what a cool way to keep in touch....I saw the Indy 500 live, and wish I still had the t-shirt....
    "Indy '80 was a hell of a race....partied at the speedway and got downright shitfaced!"
    Johnny Rutherford won that one....

  6. Hi Guys .. trip sounds wonderful -- don't you just love the covered bridges. When we up north on one of our trips, we were more west and then into Ill. & north - ending in Wisc. before heading back along a different route - terrain absolutely fantastic. Stayed off major highways as much as possible - which made for some interesting driving !! Good thing the Allegro is built so well - got us- through, over and around, everything. Have fun. John & Beryl