Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#22 Not Goodbye, See You On The Road

It has been 10 days camping at the "Good Friends Family Campground" but we must move on. Staying in our friends backyard and being able to spend quality time with the best of friends is worth more than gold. The great thing is that they will be in FL this winter so we can see them again. As long as there are roads ,RV friends will always be there. The "Good Friends Family Campground" will always get 5 stars.

We spent some time looking at property to possibly set up a home base for us with the rig. It is a nice neighborhood and has some interesting options. Foxy rode around in the golf cart and I think she is starting to wonder what has happened to her big truck with the big back seat. She likes to stretch out and the cart cramps her style. The boat ride on the lake, meeting the neighbors, and making friends...no real estate agent could do more. It is tempting but we shall see.

Our last day we spent mostly by ourselves. We took the bikes on some of the back roads between Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Yeah, they grow alot of corn but the countryside, small towns, and rural America at it's finest are something to see. After 110 miles we returned home, tired and needing to get ready to leave. More of our RV friends from this area showed up to say "Hi" and "Bye" and make plans to get together in the winter. We Snowbirds just have to flock together! We didn't make it to the charity run from the Indy Speedway but maybe another time.

The bikes have been stowed, laundry done, things packed to travel, and our last dinner with our friends before we hit the road. Tomorrow we head for Elkhart In, the RV manufacturing capitol of the world. There will be more friends, RVs to see, some factory tours, and modifications we are thinking about for the rig. A week or so there and then on to Ohio for an RV rally. More on that another time.

Although we are moving our home, from our friends home, to another place we will call home, we will always BE home because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Hi Frank and Mary,
    Glad that the two of you are enjoying your travels. I'll keep checking out the blog to see where you are next.